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Walking With Witaya!

Lady Clarissa

Hi there! Clarissa Von Klum here with your next installment of all things fashion with Witaya! Keep up with my blog right here at to see how Tong and I collaborate to show our fashionista clients all over the world how to coordinate the latest trends with the new range of amazing Witaya jewelry!

Right now, I am obsessed with the latest shoes on the market. Some designers have really pushed themselves to redefine the gladiator sandal trend. Others are showing us that shoes should be gorgeous at every angle – adding pops of color or a spray of sparkling crystals across the heel. When I have clients looking for advice on great ways to accessorize their summer and early fall looks, I am like a kid in a candy store! Here are some of my favorite ways to combine the Witaya accessories with great new looks in designer footwear:

Color Coordination

I am in love with this Vince Camuto ‘Calivia’ sandal*! The laced-together cutouts make me think of a butterfly hugging my toes! What I love more is that it comes in so many colors that it is hard for me to decide which one I like most. Fortunately, Witaya is known for replicating their most popular pieces in a variety of colors, so my clients don’t have to choose! Check out how perfectly the Witaya Omari Brilliant Pearl & Bead Collar Necklace (Item No. 14184) pairs side by side with the colors of the Calivia sandal. So, whether you’re looking for a bold color statement with royal blue or deep burgundy or if you want to stick with classic elegance in ivory or platinum, color coordinate your feet and your neckline with a little black dress and you’ll look like a million bucks no matter where you’re headed!

**Photos : CaliviaBlue, OmariBlue, CaliviaRed, OmariRed, CaliviaSilver, OmariSilver, CaliviaWhite, OmariWhite

Italian Riviera Breezy Casual

August and September draw Europeans and Americans alike to the seaside, and I recommend my traveling clients to always have a sensible casual look ready for any number of mixed-company occasions.

Start with the Minna Multi-Strand Long Pearl Statement Necklace (Item No 14211) in shades of pearl, pink, gold, and copper. Throw on the Lilly Pulitzer “Sienna” white swing dress with the Tori Burch “Miller” flip flop in a sandy brown. Top it off with a floppy straw hat – and the one from Hinge comes in a soft coral pink that matches the pink of the necklace beautifully!

**Photos: MinnaPearls, SiennaDess, hat, BurchMiller

Flirting With Color

Feeling a little brave with color? For a flirty look on date night or a sassy girls’ night out, punch up your look with pink! Now that the Witaya ‘Nothing Beats Blue’ beaded bob earrings (Item No. 30729) come in tropical pink, they pair perfectly with the new Saint Laurent ‘Tribute’ Platform Sandal in pink crocodile.

**Photos: Pink Earrings, Tribute Pink

Keep it Classy

For an upscale evening look, keep the accessories simple but with a touch of sparkle at the wrist and feet. Witaya’s ‘Silvery Sonata’ bracelet (Item No. 20404) complements Vince Camuto’s pure genius ‘Mona” pump with a spray of crystals across the heel. From Paris to Los Angeles, you know you will be feeling and looking chic head-to-toe!

Join me in a few weeks in Paris where we shall be with Tong at the main Jewelry and fashion shows!


*Photos: SilverSonata, MonaPump

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