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Witaya Handmade Fashion Jewelry

Not a "Jewelled" Beginning!

In 1994, age 15 a young man named Witaya Kitidee ("Tong") left his native province of Chiang Mai to go to the capital city, Bangkok, to live with his Grandmother.  The upheaval in this young man's life was to help his Chinese-Thai parents make ends meet, as he was sure to get some sort of a job!

Tong started by selling  trinkets on a blanket on the floor of Ramkamhaeng market, an area mostly for students, when a friend said that he should make and sell only jewelry which he was so talented in making. One thing led to another and eventually he started to make his jewelry in 1996  and sell it within the shop of a friend in Chatuchak Week-end market, the premier showcase of Thai goods. Soon he had his own shop there and his designs met with huge success, being 'of the moment', which then led to him opening concessions in almost all major department stores in Bangkok and opening a factory/workshop in suburban Bangkok.

However Tong was also very anxious to go full blast into the export business and to sell overseas as all his designs were international and in fashion. He was fortunate to meet a well established  international business executive, and working together in a partnership the firm Witaya International Design Co., Ltd. was born in December 2003 for exports only. The export business was established and consolidated taking it to this day where the company is one of Thailand's most prolific and innovative exporters with customers in over 50 countries, designing and manufacturing its own and also private label jewelry for the biggest and the best!


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Witaya Handmade Fashion Jewelry
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